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Rockstar: Supernova revisited: the top 15.
Monday, Dec. 4, 2006, 22:50

I know this blog will be of limited interest but ....

Remember "Rockstar: Supernova"? Of course you do. I blogged it through the summer and I promised to compile my top performances at the end of it all. But I never did.

To recap, Supernova were a band without a singer (Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke, Jason Newsted). So like INXS before them (Rockstar: INXS was the previous series title) they set up a reality talent show, gathering 15 of the most talented rockers from around the world and allowing them perform selected songs each week. The audience would then vote and each week someone was sent home. Standard stuff. For me it was more interesting than X-Factor or Pop Idol because I got to hear some rock (although some of the song choices were wacky) and there was still the testosterone-filled bitching to watch "behind the scenes" each week.

So here are my top fifteen performances. Not everyone gets to feature in my top fifteen but I have limited each rocker to a maximum of three entries in the top fifteen.

15. Ladylike - Storm

Although largely speaking the contestants performed covers, some of them got to perform originals. Storm's "Ladylike" was sensational - a super song and a terrific, sexy performance from her. She's back later in my countdown.

14. Alone - Jill

Jill went out a little over half way through the competition. I think generally she underwhelmed ... until this track - Heart's "Alone". The rock-out bit at the end is superb and her voice was in top shape.

13. Bring me to Life - Zayra

Zayra was an oddball - if you search youtube for "Zayra" you'll be met with some astonishing fashion and song choices! But this Evanescence track was her best performance. Vocally it's not quite there but her look and stage presence is quite something.

12. Come as You Are - Josh

Josh was technically one of the best singers on the show and rarely missed the target, but it's obvious his style/voice is not suited to a "dirty" rock band. He's got another performance in my top 15 but this one sounds great.

11. She Talks to Angels - Josh

See I told you Josh was on again! This was his first performance and I thought it was his best. No doubt, he's not a rock singer in the vein of the Black Crowes or Nirvana though.

10. Throw it Away - Toby

This is another original and it takes a while to get in to but there's no doubt it's got something about it which is extremely catchy. Toby is a terrific performer and he really makes full use of the stage - and beyond! Wait till you see his next one in just a little bit...

9. My Iron Lung - Patrice

This one is not popular in the Internet fraternity but I really liked it. "My Iron Lung" is a song that I had sitting around on an EP for about 4 years and I'd never listened to it. Ironically this was the first time I ever heard it! Great song and a surprisingly adept performance from a contestant who really never lifted herself above average otherwise. I love her delivery of the lyric "twentieth century bitch".

8. Rebel Yell - Toby

Wow, did he nail this one! Toby had finally found his feet at this stage of the competition and his vocal delivery here is exceptional. The dancing ladies bit is one of the best parts of the whole series. Look at how he controls that stage! Damn that was cool. The words "audience", "palm" and "hand" jump to mind.

7. Enjoy the Silence - Ryan

No one gets as many songs in my list as Ryan Star. Ryan bowed out a little early I thought (as did the audience judging by the boos and shocked looks when he was given his marching orders). At this stage of the competition he had finally started to break through and change up his style. This was a "bottom three" performance which basically meant that if he didn't nail it, he could have been gone. He took a big risk but boy does this work.

6. Creep - Lukas

After a disastrous previous week in the competition ("Celebrity Skin") it looked like there was finally a chink in Lukas' armour. But he bounced back with this amazing performance. The last minute is phenomenal. Check out those arm-swinging moves!

5. Wish You Were Here - Storm

Storm came in to her own near the end of the competition and her talent became undeniable in the final few weeks. This - ironically her last performance - was her best. She dedicated the song to her deceased mother, leaving herself, the audience, the band and me in tears.

4. Roxanne - Dilana

It may seem a bit criminal to only have one Dilana song in the top 15 and there's no doubt there were some other super performances from her ("Lithium", "Zombie", "Mother Mother", "Every Breath You Take", "Cat's in the Cradle"). But that's just the way it is. This is amazing though - great arrangement, flawless vocals.

3. Headspin - Lukas

Another original track, this time from Lukas. Something I haven't mentioned is that Lukas actually won the competition so he is the new lead singer of the Rockstar Supernova band! This song is featured on their album. I love how powerful it is - wonderful chorus. If you don't like it initially give it a few more (head)spins...

2. Losing My Religion - Ryan

This was Ryan's breakthrough performance - just him, a classic song and a piano. Flawless vocal performance, great intensity, perfect delivery. You can see and hear how utterly shocked the band are. It probably should be number one...who the hell has beaten him...?

1. Back of Your Car - Ryan

You can tell I like the originals. Ryan's original went down a storm and as one of the comments mentions on youtube, this is better than any Rockstar Supernova track. The song is brilliant and the performance is even better. So much talent here it's unreal.

Honourable mentions go to "Fire" by Magni, "Lithium" by Dilana, "Clocks" by Ryan (again!), "Dolphins Cry" by Magni and "Planet Earth" by Matt (very cruely cut in the first round).

And that's your lot .. the last time I mention Rockstar! Maybe...

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