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Rockstar: Supernova - Week 10
Tuesday, Sep 19, 2006, 14:45

Week 10 - the penultimate week.  Which for those of you who have never understood the meaning of that word means that it is next to last.

This weeks show saw the five remaining contestants perform a "set" each consisting of one cover and one original.  This was a great opportunity to hear what each person could bring to the band in terms of original material as well as how they would deal with a prolonged appearance in front of a live audience.

First off, proof that elimination is not the end of the world as they announced that Ryan Star, prematurely eliminated last week in my opinion, has the top three downloads on  Ryan rocks and I hope the guy gets a solo career out of the blocks. 

So let's get down to the recap and see how the five contestants have fared in their moments of truth.

The recap
5. Magni (Back in the USSR and When the Time Comes) - I placed Magni as my least favourite performance last week even though I still thought he was pretty good.  What did the public do?  Place him first in the "popular vote" - the only person not to drop in to the bottom three!  My problem with this week's performance was that his Beatles cover reminded me of his first song 10 weeks ago - "Satisfaction".  Gilby declared that one to be a bit "Vegas" and I felt the same thing with this performance too. 

His original was not bad but there wasn't really much of a hook to it.  It was like an album track I would skip from a band I don't particularly like.  He's charismatic, has a good stage presence, solid interaction with the crowd and the band.  But there's something very unexciting about it all recently.  The band did dig it although Tommy made the point that the two performances were the same and asked why.  "Because they were both sung by me," Magni replied quite amusingly but rather skirting over the very valid point that Tommy made.  I like Magni but I think he may be an early contender for elimination this week.

4. Toby (Mr Brightside and Throw it Away) - The Killers?  What is it with The Killers?  Everything is "The Killers" these days.  I've never heard the Kil...oh.  I have heard this song.  Oh, yes.  It's good actually.  You know what's weird?  Toby looked so legitimate in the last two weeks but this week he followed one of his peers and the inevitable comparison didn't really do him any favours. 

His original wasn't bad at all.  Storm was grooving to it but I reckon she'd dance to the sound of a car alarm.  Toby obviously enjoys himself a lot when performing but there's something lacking.  It's hard to put my finger on it.  Dave made the point that his original song was instantly memorable and Gilby said that he puts the fun in rock.  He's gone over for sure and he's got the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand.  He's still a dark horse.  He'll be hoping he doesn't end up like the last one.

3. Dilana (Behind Blue Eyes and Supersoul) - Oh my God, Dilana ripped a calf muscle in rehearsal!  She must have gotten that while kicking like a mule at someone.  I thought it was just part of the show when she was carried to a stool on stage by a broad, black gentleman but, no, she is genuinely injured.  Pretty good job, on a great song.  Never heard it before - I think I need to get in to The Who because this has opened my eyes. 

Dilana's original is so exciting she actually jumps off her stool and hops one-legged around stage!  Bizarre!  Really good song though, catchy chorus and it's performed with the trademark Dilana enthusiasm and energy.  Dave praised her for coming out on stage and rocking with a torn calf muscle but wasn't keen on her original song.  Tommy quickly interrupted and called "Supersoul" "bangin'".  Hmmmmm - is there going to be a Tommy Lee Dictionary released at the end of this series?  While that performance was quality she may still fall victim to the band's belief that her personality and "literal" lyric writing are not suited to them.

2. Lukas (Livin' On A Prayer and Headspin) - I was really looking forward to seeing Lukas perform "Livin' On A Prayer" but I was fairly disappointed bythe end of it.  A stripped down version, featuring a lone electric guitar and a subtle orchestral backing took away most of what I love about the original - the melody and the big guitar licks.

But his original, "Headspin".  Wow.  Initially I thought "it's ok" but five minutes after I heard it, it was still, well, spinning around my head.  Lukas' performance was brilliant; animated, and as Dave put it, "powerful and emotional".  And here's the killer comment from Gilby: "I get inspired when I watch you perform". 

1. Storm (Suffragette City and Lady Like) - Ok, I'm shocking myself here.  I dig Storm but I felt there were no memorable performances - until tonight.  First off was what could have been another bland Bowie song (I've rarely enjoyed any of the Bowie covers on the show) but with Dave Navarro coming up on stage to rock out with her the appearance was off the chart. 

Her original, "Lady Like" (originally called "What the Fuck is Lady Like" I think) was dubbed by Dave as the best original in two seasons of the show.  He's not far wrong.  Storm is a little bit different and until tonight it didn't click for me.  But this was the performance.  It was the big one.  This girl has pulled a rabbit out of the hat at just the right time.

Bottom three....well my bottom three are as above.  Magni, Toby and Dilana.  I think Dilana, as good as her performance was, may find herself victim of the protest vote again.  Her bid to re-invent herself and show humility is all a little bit fake for me and I don't think the public are duped either.  Magni and Toby have done well at different times throughout the series but it does seem that they are trailing in the wake of Lukas.  I actually thing Toby would be a good front-man for the band and if he makes it to the final all bets are off.

Storm deserves to avoid the drop but has she done enough???

The next night
We kick off with a recap of last night - which was the best show so far in my opinion.  Time for a new Supernova song!  This time Magni is chosen to perform "It's All Love" which is not a bad little power-ballad-cum-rocker.  Magni was pretty good up front and looks quite comfortable with the band but I'm not sure about his image suiting them.  He looks to be a sufferer of male pattern baldness so not much chance of him growing his hair out.  Strong vocals though.

Toby was picked to perform the encore given that he was such a crowd favourite the night before.  I'm still not crazy about the song and the irritating "oh oh oh oh oh oh" bit that the band seem to like.  Good chorus but the rest of the song kills it for me.  Oh and he won a car for being chosen as the encore but I don't know anything about cars so I can't tell you any more about that.

So here we go - who are the bottom three!!?  We'll have more after this break.

Ok, back from the break.

Who was in the bottom three?  We get slightly more information this time.  The order from most to least popular after the initial voting the night before was:
1. Toby
2. Lukas
3. Magni
4. Storm
5. Dilana

Wow!  Dilana is really feeling the heat here and despite another good performance she finds herself up against it to get the public vote again.  We find out that every one of the rockers dropped in to the bottom three at some point and that the vote was really close.  It was also double last year's votes.  Andrew Farriss will be miffed about that.

The bottom three were announced: Storm - shame but maybe not a surprise; Dilana - not a surprise at all; Lukas - um, ok.  Magni and Toby, who I think are inferior front-men to Lukas, escaped and go to the final.  Just who the hell is voting on this thing?  Storm must know she is doomed here - unless my inkling that Dilana's self-centered attitude has alienated the band comes true...

First out of the blocks, Storm.  She tackled one of the greatest songs of all time, "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.  What a moment this was.  Obviuosly a great song but Storm barely made it to the end, tears in her eyes as she dedicated it to her mother.  Jason Newsted wiped tears away from his eyes during the performance and ended it with his head down unable to raise himself to even applaud.  Gilby and Dave looked blown away by the emotion of it too.  This woman is special.

Dilana once again hobbled up on stage and performed a "punk-rock" version of Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" much to the excitement and entertainment of Supernova.  Fair play to her because she hopped around and then made her way in to the crowd all with a torn calf muscle.  I've had a mere strained calf muscle and, damn it, it's hard to get up the stairs.  She must be in some pain.  Personally I thought the performance was good in the circumstances but I didn't care much for the punked-up version of what is a pretty good original.  It was a nice pick-me-up after Storm's emotional song though. 

Lukas decided to do the excellent "Headspin" again and, no surprise, he threw out a great performance of what is fast becoming one of the best things I've heard on this show.  There's no way this guy is going anywhere.

And so it was proven.  Lukas was told to sit down by the band and it was a head to head between Dilana and Storm. 

Tommy passed the chopping duties to Jason and, yes, Storm was sent home.  I know I passed comment numerous times on Jill's beauty and Dilana's pecualiar attractiveness during the show, but Storm is undoubtedly top of the pile.  She's got it all.  Amazing singer, beautiful human being, great performer.  And I will never forget the tears she brought to my eyes during "Wish You Were Here".  Farewell...

And so to the final four.  Next week we will have the new lead singer of Supernova revealed.  Leaving aside my desire to suggest that one or two of the people in the frame are too good for the band, I'll try and rate them below as I see their chances.  In my first blog on Supernova five weeks ago, I named four A-listers - the very four who are left now.  The only thing that has really changed in that time is the favourite.

How they rate
04. (04) Magni - Has to be considered the outsider.  He's a good performer, excellent singer but while he is charismatic, his charisma and image does not seem to "fit" with the band. 
03. (03) Toby - Toby's comeback in the last two weeks has been very enjoyable to watch.  His humour and personality is without doubt the most balanced and down-to-earth of anyone left and I would practically consider him tied with Dilana as second-favourite.
02. (02) Dilana - Poor old Dilana really blew it with her media attack on her peers.  She paid the price with a drop in audience support and although the band still remain high on her, I wonder if the damage is done.
01. (01) Lukas - Lukas' original "Headspin" was astonishingly good and better than anything we've heard from Supernova so far.  With Gilby saying that he is "inspired" by Lukas, I think he's the band favourite too.  But next week will reveal all and I do think everyone is in with a fair shout.

It's so exciting.  I'll try not to pee my pants.  Again.  Whoops.

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