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What's a gime? Oh...a gime....
Sunday, Nov 26, 2006, 00:41

Some classic Homer there.

Well I joined a new gime...*ahem* gym last week.

This thing is flipping amazing. I paid about EUR600 a year for my last gym which was a fair amount but it was in town and handy for work. When I changed jobs it wasn't convenient so I left and spent five months working out at home. Needless to say motivation and desire is not the same in an uncontrolled environment so I decided to enter the gym arena again.

I came across the Crunch Fitness Premier gym in the city (dead center - Temple Bar, for anyone familiar with Dublin). The cost for this place? EUR700 a year. Not a small amount but compared to my last functional gym, check this out...

The Pool

TheLocker Room

Steam Room

Treadmills and Plasmas!

Feel the burn!

My motivation is back!

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